Why the name Pink Buttercream? Other than the fact that I happen to love the color pink and own a bake shop, here’s why.

Pink buttercream is – whimsical, flirty, delicious, pretty, cute, and adorable. It is tantalizing, sweet, quirky, fun, nostalgic, cheerful, and amusing. It can make you feel warm and fuzzy. It can make you feel in awe. It is about celebrating life in the present moment. 

I am dedicated to helping you celebrate the most magical moments and people in your life. I want to capture your “pink buttercream” moments – your feelings and emotions – through photographs you will savor for always. 

My style is a unique take on fresh, artistic, vivid, and modern lifestyle photography where I portray real situations in your life and narrate a story that uniquely belongs to you.  Each photo session is personalized to tell your story in a creative and fun way. This may include bringing special and meaningful items such as your favorite books, blankets, costumes, or anything you would like that defines who you are. I will also ask questions to get a true sense for you and your loved ones such as: 

  • Describe your perfect day

  • What are some of your favorite songs, books, shows and hobbies?

  • What is your motto in life?

Our location will be based on the story you’d like to tell. Perhaps you are a family who loves the outdoors and whose ideal family day is taking a hike. I would love to meet you at a hiking trail and document your family having the best time doing so. Or if you are a couple who loves city dwelling, we might meet up at your favorite cafe and walk around to visit your favorite stores and museums in the city.

I give you my promise that each photo session will be personally thought out with a custom vision to tell your personal story in a creative and meaningful way.